Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter game in which the players are dropped into a wide, open area where they have to fight for survival in a battle royale as the battlefield reduces in size thus putting more pressure on the players to fight to stay alive.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

The game is a multiplayer online action player versus player kind of game developed and published by PUBG Corporation – a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean publisher. The inspiration for the game is gotten from”Battle Royale” a movie produced in the year 2000 by Brendan Greene. Under Greene’s direction, it expanded into a standalone game.

About a hundred players land on an island with parachutes. For each round, the flight path of the plane across the island varies. This requires the players to swiftly decide the best time to jump off the plane. The size of the island is about 8 x 8 kilometers. They look for equipment and armory to attack and kill others in a bid to protect their selves from being killed. Players can decide to enter the contest either alone or with a team of about 4 persons. The territory on the map of the game reduces as time passes. This forces the players into a closer combat as they keep fighting. The only surviving player wins the round. On an average, each round last up to 30 minutes.

Players begin the game with no protective clothing except customized selection of clothes which in no way affects the game. As soon as they parachute to the ground, players begin to search the buildings and other areas to find vehicles, weapons, clothing, armor etc. At the beginning of the game, these items are evenly distributed all through the island with some high-risk areas having more sophisticated weapons.

Players who have been killed can also be looted to acquire their weapons. Players can either choose to play the game from the first person or third person view with each view having its merits and demerits in situation awareness and combat; although settings specific to the server can be used to compel all players to use one view in a bid to remove certain advantages.

The playable area of island reduces toward a different location every few minutes. This brings about a more confined space which increases the probability of more assault.  Any player still outside the safe zone will receive incremental damage and will be eliminated eventually if they do not enter the safe area in time. The players in the game see the boundary as a blue wall with a shimmering effect.

As the game progresses, different parts of the map are randomly highlighted and bombed to cause more difficulty for players who remain in that region. Players are usually pre warned some minutes before this happens so they will have ample time to leave to a safe area.

A plane usually flies over various regions of the map at random to drop loots which contain items that cannot be gotten during normal game play. The loots emit red smokes which are very visible so as to attract interested players who engage in further combat to take the loot.